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Gothic Roses.

I haven't been on LiveJournal in a while.

I've mostly been hanging-out at my house doing stuff and spending time with My Wolf when he's not working. I really don't like him working full-time.

Wolf and I celebrated the 16th anniversary of when we became a couple! He got me a Gothic Mirror necklace, two pairs of silver hoop earrings (the kind I like to wear all the time), and a Cthulhu ring and I got him a skull ring. He also got us a grill so we can cook outside. We had a romantic dinner and it was a very nice night. I love My Wolf so much! He took a week vacation from work to spend with me. <3 We had so much fun!

Wolf has been grilling food a lot. It's always so delicious. We got some new plants to put around the porch. We got the art room organized so we can start back working on art and craft projects again.

Cradle Of Filth


I spent all day yesterday while Wolf was at work trying to find penpals. I've been putting up ads on penpal sites and updating my old ads. I've gotten one reply to my ads and I replied to an ad and the chick replied back. The person who replied to my ad is in Germany and the one I wrote first is in the USA.

I started having penpals in 6th or 7th grade. I had a few when I was a teenager that I found in Metal and Goth magazines. I had one penpal, Thorn, for over a year. I had a bunch of penpals for a while around 2002-2004, that I met online. I also did FBs (friendship books). It was so much fun sending and getting letters and trading photos with friendly people who had similar interest. I use to spend hours reading and writing long letters surrounded by neat stationary, sticks, stamps, tape, and photos.

Since Wolf is working full-time now I figured it would be neat to find a lot of penpals again. I've had ads up for a while, looking for one penpal, but haven't been getting replies so I'm trying more actively to find penpals now. It's something fun for me to do while I'm home alone. I hope to have at least a dozen snailmail penpals and at least five emails pals to message.

I've got to get a box to hold all my penpal supplies. Just putting a penpal kit together is a lot of fun.

Some Updates.

Last week there was some bad weather. The tornado sirens went off in town. They use old air raid sirens from like one of the World Wars. So when it is bad weather it sounds like it's turning into Silent Hill. It's kinda eerie. Pumpkinhead doesn't like the bad weather and the sirens scared her. It was the first time we've had any bad weather since she was born, so maybe she won't be so scared next time. There was a tornado less than a mile from my house.

Wolf had a decent check last week. We actually paid all the bills that were due and had some money left-over. So that was really nice. We should have used it on other bills but we wanted to go somewhere.

We bought groceries, pet stuff, and stuff we needed for the house. Wolf got me a dragon fountain and a set of dragon candle-holders. It's the first tabletop fountain I've had (I've wanted one for years, just hadn't got one until now). I have a 3D vampire "painting" that you put red water in that looks like blood, it's kinda like a fountain. It hangs on the wall. Actually, I have a frog fountain, but it doesn't work. I got it on clearance because it's pretty. I also got a salt tea-light holder.

Monday, Wolf was off from work so we went on a little day-trip. We went to Merdian. We had lunch at one of our favorite places, the Long John Silvers/A&W restaurant. It has a retro 50's/60's theme. We like to get LJS food and an A&W Root-beer. Those root-beers are so good. They brew it fresh in the restaurant. It makes bottled root-beer disappointing to drink. We got clams, fish tacos, onion rings, hush-puppies, and Norway lobster bites. The lobster bites were way better than lobster I've had at Red Lobster. We looked in some stores. At Joann's Fabrics we got some scrapbook paper, a glass snake pendant, and a spooky children's book. Wolf got some World of WarCraft Megablox, he has most of them now. He went in the mall to look for Living Dead Dolls, but there weren't any. He did get a Ghostbuster string-light.

We also looked at some mobile home stores. We're kinda considering moving because of how much our electric bill is at the Manor. The electric company keeps going up on the cost and the bill has been over $400 a month during the winter. We have a pay plan set-up so we don't pay the full payment every month, it gets divided-up somehow for a more affordable bill (we still pay the whole bill, just over a few months), but it doesn't go under $200 any month of the year and it's up to $300 - $400 in the winter. The actual bill for January was over $500. The sad thing about the bill being so high is that is only heating like half the house. And it's not heating it good either, it's still chilly most of the time. We only heat the living room/dining room/kitchen/bedroom/breakfast nook/master bath. We shut off the rest of the house, the library/study/little bathroom/hallway/art studio/attic/laundry room. If we actually heated the whole house it would cost at least $800 a month. It's ridiculous to pay so much for heat and still have to bundle-up. The mobile homes are really nice. They are made better than some new houses are. We saw three we really liked. We sure love our house though.

We wanted to get natural gas for heating, but the gas company wants us to pay over $10,000 for them to run the gas to our house. So we can pay them for gas. We can't afford that either. We talked about getting propane, but it's expensive, and Wolf's cousin used to own one of the local propane companies, but he sold it. The other propane company is owned by a dude that murdered Wolf's uncle (years ago) and got away with it. He called his uncle over to his yard and shot him. So we're not going to do business with them.

Tuesday morning Wolf's mom called and told us her brother Buford had died. She called yesterday and told us Wolf's dad's cousin Jimmy had also died, the same day as her brother. They had both been sick for a while. Buford's funeral is tomorrow. Buford is Wolf's favorite uncle, but we haven't been around him much. He was always really nice to us when we'd see him. We barely know Jimmy. The only thing I know about him is he was mayor and his daughter was one of my teachers in elementary school and she is an awful person.

It got cold again after all that rain. I'll be glad when it warms up and is Springtime.

Valentines Day and Updates.

(Post written on the 16th and the 19th.)

Wolf worked Tuesday and took a vacation day Wednesday. We went to bed really early Tuesday night and slept almost ten hours. When we woke-up Wednesday morning we both felt terrible, so he called work and told them he wasn't going to be there. He took a vacation day so he didn't lose any pay for missing work. We stayed awake for a while and ate some lunch. Then we took a nap. When we woke-up we felt better. I went to Walmart to buy some groceries and Wolf stayed home and did some housework. I got groceries and some Valentine candy for Wolf. I wanted to get him some Warcraft cards, but they moved them and Walmart was so busy (like day before Christmas busy), and I couldn't find them.

Thursday was our four month Wedding Anniversary. Wolf got me a pretty Gothic hairband. We had a nice dinner. We had sausage, pasta with Alfredo sauce, and calamari.

Valentines Day, my Sweetie gave me a heart-shaped tin box of Dove chocolates (yum!), a bottle of Cashmere Glow Diamond Shimmer Mist and a Warm Vanilla Sugar Pocketbac from Bath & Body Works, and a GORGEOUS ring! I have been wanting that ring for around three years. I look at it at the store and online all the time. It's so sparkly! I call it my Fairy Princess ring. I was expecting some candy (but I was surprised about the box he gave me), and I knew he was going to Bath & Body Works (but didn't know what he was getting me), but I was totally surprised about the ring! If you've seen the episode of South Park where Cartman gets a million dollars and screams that's about the reaction I had to getting that ring.
For our Valentines Day Dinner we had pork steaks cooked with potatoes, onions, and carrots in a garlic butter sauce, and Alfredo pasta. It was really yummy.
I gave Wolf some pets on World of Warcraft, since I didn't have any actual money to buy him a gift and it's weird using money he makes to buy him a gift. So I give him stuff on WoW that I buy with in-game gold I make on there. Stuff like mounts (rides), pets, and gear/weapons.

Saturday and Sunday we hung around the house. Did some light housework and played World of Warcraft. Sunday evening, we went over to Wolf's parent's house and had stew for dinner and watched The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead.

Wolf had to go back to work Monday. I don't like him working full-time. I miss him way too much when he is gone for around 10 hours a day. Five hours was bad enough. He'll have to keep the full-time job until we get all the bills caught-up, my car fixed, and other various stuff that costs money payed for. My car alone will cost about $2,000 to get fixed, new tires, and street legal (tag, safety sticker, and insurance). I told him we should sell everything and buy a camper to put in his parent's yard and become bums and let them pay all the bills. I was only half-joking. He gets paid tomorrow and we'll actually find out what he makes working full-time after taxes and whatever else they take-out of his pay.

The heart-shaped tin of Valentines Day chocolates.

My Fairy Princess ring.

Winter and Some Updates.

I'll be so glad when it's Spring. It's been so cold this Winter. My Cacti aren't doing well. They were all so pretty. Wolf said he would get me some more when they get them in at Lowe's in the Spring. We're going to try to build a little greenhouse for all of our plants before next Winter. We didn't have the money last year to build one. It also doesn't usually get so cold in the Winter around here. The electric bill was almost $300 and next month it's supposed to be almost $400 (that really sucks). We don't have the money for bills that high, but they should go down in price a lot in the Spring.

It snowed again, but not enough to stick. It was real icy snow, too. Sounded like hail does when it hit the ground. It looked pretty when it was snowing.

Sunday, Wolf and I made some lipsticks using crayons and coconut oil. They look really pretty. He got a new box of crayons with a bunch of new colors in it. We ate supper at his parent's house, his mom made spaghetti, and watched the new episode of The Walking Dead. It was okay, but could have used more zombie action.

Monday, Wolf and I went to Hattiesburg. We went to CiCi's Pizza for lunch. They have a pizza called Garlic Italiano that is really good. We also went to Michael's Crafts and Hobby Lobby. I got a needle-felting kit, it is for making a penguin, and Wolf got some skull beads for jewelry-making. I haven't tried needle-felting before. Wolf will probably have to help me with it. The only kind of needlework I can do is cross-stitching.

Wolf had to go back to work today. The weekend is always over too fast. I would rather him stay at home with me, but gotta pay bills and buy groceries.

February So Far.

Saturday, Wolf took me out on a date. We went to Mi Casita's. It's our favorite local Mexican restaurant. It use to be in a more hidden location, we liked it better then because it wasn't usually crowded, but they moved to a very busy area and the place was packed. We had tostadas, a mushroom and cheese quesadilla (we halved it), and chips and salsa. The salsa had a lot of garlic in it and it was really good. Vampires were standing back that night!
Then we went by Walmart to get a few things for the week. I got ambush hugged by my sibling Shane. I didn't even see him until he was hugging me. It was awkward. We don't talk and I haven't seen him in-person or spoke to him on the phone since the summer of 2005. We used to chat on facebook, but I took him off my friends-list after he hurt my feelings. I don't know why he hugged me. Him and his daughter were getting late-night snacks. We made small talk for less than a minute and left.

Sunday, we played World Of Warcraft most of the day. For like 10 hours. It was fun and we got a lot of stuff done on there. I'm so glad Wolf doesn't watch sports and spends "Super Bowl Sunday" doing stuff with me instead of watching a football game.

Monday was Wolf's first day as full-time Assembler at Lowe's. He's been working there for almost 2 years, but has been part-time since he started there. I'm glad he got a full-time position. We have a lot of bills to pay. BUT I don't like him working longer hours. I'd rather have him at home with me. He'll have to work the full-time job until we get caught-up on bills and get some other stuff payed for. Like getting my car fixed and getting Wolf a new(er) car. His van is a 1997 model and it has some problems and a lot of miles on it. It also gets kinda bad gas mileage.
Wolf got us Taco Bell for a late lunch. He didn't want us to have to cook lunch and I didn't want cereal. We did some stuff around the house and went to bed early that night.

Tuesday, I read the book Bury Me Deep by Christopher Pike. I've had the book since I was a teenager. I still have all the books I had when I was a teenager. Wolf calls them "Trashy Teen Novels". :D
Wolf got us Taco Bell for lunch, again. They have the chili cheese burritos again in Laurel. We watched the newest episode of The Following. I liked it better last season when they were all quoting Poe, but the 2nd season has been good so far. I like the music on the show, too. We played WoW for about an hour before supper.

My Birthday.

Thursday was my birthday. I'm 33. I had a really nice birthday. Wolf stayed home from work and we got up early and cuddled on the sofa and drank hot coco and watched George Romero's Day of the Dead. Then I opened my gifts. We spent the rest of the day hanging-out. <3



From Wolf:
A homemade red Chocolate Covered Strawberry scented candle in a jar. It smells so good!
A Gargoyle throw-blanket! I have wanted one of them for years, since like the 90's, but they are really hard-to-find.
A Angel-wings heart pendant.
Crystal earrings.
Butterfly ring.
Pink frog earrings.
Monster High plush doll with a throw-blanket.
Sweet Potato Pie candle in a pretty glass bowl.
A weird green cabochon.
A silver Moonstone ring.
A silver Amethyst and Sugilite ring.
A natural stone pendant.
Bath & Body Works stuff
-Pumpkin Cupcake candle.
-Hot Buttered Rum candle.
-Chocolate Mint candle. It smells like a York Peppermint Patty!
-Cashmere Glow lotion.
-Sun lotion.

From My Little Monsters:
Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle from Bath & Body Works.

From Wolf's parents:
Stuff from Bath & Body Works.
-White pumpkin oil warmer.
-Red Velvet Cupcake candle.
-Pumpkin Hayride candle.
-Aspen Caramel Woods Sugar Scrub.
(Wolf picked-out all the stuff they got me.)


I got some good stuff for my birthday. :)

Instead of a cake Wolf got me some Blue Bell ice cream. It is Spiced Pumpkin Pecan. Best ice cream ever!

Gifts 2014.
All my birthday gifts.

Rings and candles.
Close-up of rings and a couple candles.

Angel Wing Heart necklace &amp; earrings.
Angel wings pendent.

Good News!

Wolf got promoted to full-time Assembler at Lowe's! He starts full-time Monday. :)

Snow Days.

It actually snowed in Southeast Mississippi. We usually get some snow flurries that don't stick, but not enough for stuff to be white. It was so freaking cold, too. Wolf even wore his alligator house-shoes around. He hardly ever wears them. He was so cute walking around the house in his pajamas and house-shoes. :)

He had to work the first two days it was snowing. Which sucked. I was so nervous about him driving to and from work. There were a lot of wrecks. Hattiesburg had a curfew because of the dangerous road situation. It was like illegal to be on the road there and Laurel is further north than Hattiesburg. He got to work and back home safe both days, so glad, but he did slip on some ice in the parking lot at Lowe's. He didn't get hurt bad, just enough to be sore so he took the third snow day off and spent the day at home. It was also my birthday so he wanted to stay home anyway.

One of the copper water pipes burst, so he spent around an hour or so fixing that. The rest of the day he spent with me. :)

I didn't go outside and play in the snow, but Wolf did make a small snowball and threw it at me while I was sitting on the sofa. I wasn't expecting that. The snowball was so cold! :D

Goblin statue in my flower-bed.

My yard.
My yard with snow everywhere.

Some January Updates.

Been mostly hanging-out at my house spending time with my Love, watching movies, and doing stuff like housecleaning and playing World of Warcraft.

Yesterday, Wolf got paid and it was less than $300 for two weeks pay. The electric bill is over $200 by itself. He spends over $50 every two weeks on gas just to go to work and get back home. I hope the job situation gets better soon.

Last night we went and bought some groceries. We had to get food and treats for Pumpkinhead, too. We got the stuff to make Italian Cream Sodas. I had strawberry and Wolf had chocolate. So yummy! We got groceries for the next two weeks, we were pretty much out of everything. We had corn-dogs and tater tots for supper. We usually get Taco Bell after buying groceries, but it was cheaper to get corn-dogs. Which is fine because we like corn-dogs.

Wolf got me a pink leopard print votive candle-holder with a pink candle in it. Pretty! I really like animal print stuff. At our old house our bedroom was pink and our bedding was pink leopard and zebra print. Wolf also gave me one of my birthday gifts early. He gave me a Sweet Potato Pie scented candle in a pretty clear glass bowl with a lid that has flowers on it. It was really cool because I had mentioned a couple days before that I wanted a Sweet Potato Pie scented candle after seeing one on Etsy and then he found one at a local shop. The local shopping is really lame so it's really cool when you find stuff like that.

Yesterday, while Wolf was at work I let Pumpkinhead out in the yard to go potty and I scraped my little toe with the bottom of the door. That sucked.

Wolf has to work tomorrow, then he is off work Sunday & Monday. We'll probably be playing WOW all weekend and doing some housework.