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Some January Updates.

Been mostly hanging-out at my house spending time with my Love, watching movies, and doing stuff like housecleaning and playing World of Warcraft.

Yesterday, Wolf got paid and it was less than $300 for two weeks pay. The electric bill is over $200 by itself. He spends over $50 every two weeks on gas just to go to work and get back home. I hope the job situation gets better soon.

Last night we went and bought some groceries. We had to get food and treats for Pumpkinhead, too. We got the stuff to make Italian Cream Sodas. I had strawberry and Wolf had chocolate. So yummy! We got groceries for the next two weeks, we were pretty much out of everything. We had corn-dogs and tater tots for supper. We usually get Taco Bell after buying groceries, but it was cheaper to get corn-dogs. Which is fine because we like corn-dogs.

Wolf got me a pink leopard print votive candle-holder with a pink candle in it. Pretty! I really like animal print stuff. At our old house our bedroom was pink and our bedding was pink leopard and zebra print. Wolf also gave me one of my birthday gifts early. He gave me a Sweet Potato Pie scented candle in a pretty clear glass bowl with a lid that has flowers on it. It was really cool because I had mentioned a couple days before that I wanted a Sweet Potato Pie scented candle after seeing one on Etsy and then he found one at a local shop. The local shopping is really lame so it's really cool when you find stuff like that.

Yesterday, while Wolf was at work I let Pumpkinhead out in the yard to go potty and I scraped my little toe with the bottom of the door. That sucked.

Wolf has to work tomorrow, then he is off work Sunday & Monday. We'll probably be playing WOW all weekend and doing some housework.


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