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February So Far.

Saturday, Wolf took me out on a date. We went to Mi Casita's. It's our favorite local Mexican restaurant. It use to be in a more hidden location, we liked it better then because it wasn't usually crowded, but they moved to a very busy area and the place was packed. We had tostadas, a mushroom and cheese quesadilla (we halved it), and chips and salsa. The salsa had a lot of garlic in it and it was really good. Vampires were standing back that night!
Then we went by Walmart to get a few things for the week. I got ambush hugged by my sibling Shane. I didn't even see him until he was hugging me. It was awkward. We don't talk and I haven't seen him in-person or spoke to him on the phone since the summer of 2005. We used to chat on facebook, but I took him off my friends-list after he hurt my feelings. I don't know why he hugged me. Him and his daughter were getting late-night snacks. We made small talk for less than a minute and left.

Sunday, we played World Of Warcraft most of the day. For like 10 hours. It was fun and we got a lot of stuff done on there. I'm so glad Wolf doesn't watch sports and spends "Super Bowl Sunday" doing stuff with me instead of watching a football game.

Monday was Wolf's first day as full-time Assembler at Lowe's. He's been working there for almost 2 years, but has been part-time since he started there. I'm glad he got a full-time position. We have a lot of bills to pay. BUT I don't like him working longer hours. I'd rather have him at home with me. He'll have to work the full-time job until we get caught-up on bills and get some other stuff payed for. Like getting my car fixed and getting Wolf a new(er) car. His van is a 1997 model and it has some problems and a lot of miles on it. It also gets kinda bad gas mileage.
Wolf got us Taco Bell for a late lunch. He didn't want us to have to cook lunch and I didn't want cereal. We did some stuff around the house and went to bed early that night.

Tuesday, I read the book Bury Me Deep by Christopher Pike. I've had the book since I was a teenager. I still have all the books I had when I was a teenager. Wolf calls them "Trashy Teen Novels". :D
Wolf got us Taco Bell for lunch, again. They have the chili cheese burritos again in Laurel. We watched the newest episode of The Following. I liked it better last season when they were all quoting Poe, but the 2nd season has been good so far. I like the music on the show, too. We played WoW for about an hour before supper.


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