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Winter and Some Updates.

I'll be so glad when it's Spring. It's been so cold this Winter. My Cacti aren't doing well. They were all so pretty. Wolf said he would get me some more when they get them in at Lowe's in the Spring. We're going to try to build a little greenhouse for all of our plants before next Winter. We didn't have the money last year to build one. It also doesn't usually get so cold in the Winter around here. The electric bill was almost $300 and next month it's supposed to be almost $400 (that really sucks). We don't have the money for bills that high, but they should go down in price a lot in the Spring.

It snowed again, but not enough to stick. It was real icy snow, too. Sounded like hail does when it hit the ground. It looked pretty when it was snowing.

Sunday, Wolf and I made some lipsticks using crayons and coconut oil. They look really pretty. He got a new box of crayons with a bunch of new colors in it. We ate supper at his parent's house, his mom made spaghetti, and watched the new episode of The Walking Dead. It was okay, but could have used more zombie action.

Monday, Wolf and I went to Hattiesburg. We went to CiCi's Pizza for lunch. They have a pizza called Garlic Italiano that is really good. We also went to Michael's Crafts and Hobby Lobby. I got a needle-felting kit, it is for making a penguin, and Wolf got some skull beads for jewelry-making. I haven't tried needle-felting before. Wolf will probably have to help me with it. The only kind of needlework I can do is cross-stitching.

Wolf had to go back to work today. The weekend is always over too fast. I would rather him stay at home with me, but gotta pay bills and buy groceries.


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