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Some Updates.

Last week there was some bad weather. The tornado sirens went off in town. They use old air raid sirens from like one of the World Wars. So when it is bad weather it sounds like it's turning into Silent Hill. It's kinda eerie. Pumpkinhead doesn't like the bad weather and the sirens scared her. It was the first time we've had any bad weather since she was born, so maybe she won't be so scared next time. There was a tornado less than a mile from my house.

Wolf had a decent check last week. We actually paid all the bills that were due and had some money left-over. So that was really nice. We should have used it on other bills but we wanted to go somewhere.

We bought groceries, pet stuff, and stuff we needed for the house. Wolf got me a dragon fountain and a set of dragon candle-holders. It's the first tabletop fountain I've had (I've wanted one for years, just hadn't got one until now). I have a 3D vampire "painting" that you put red water in that looks like blood, it's kinda like a fountain. It hangs on the wall. Actually, I have a frog fountain, but it doesn't work. I got it on clearance because it's pretty. I also got a salt tea-light holder.

Monday, Wolf was off from work so we went on a little day-trip. We went to Merdian. We had lunch at one of our favorite places, the Long John Silvers/A&W restaurant. It has a retro 50's/60's theme. We like to get LJS food and an A&W Root-beer. Those root-beers are so good. They brew it fresh in the restaurant. It makes bottled root-beer disappointing to drink. We got clams, fish tacos, onion rings, hush-puppies, and Norway lobster bites. The lobster bites were way better than lobster I've had at Red Lobster. We looked in some stores. At Joann's Fabrics we got some scrapbook paper, a glass snake pendant, and a spooky children's book. Wolf got some World of WarCraft Megablox, he has most of them now. He went in the mall to look for Living Dead Dolls, but there weren't any. He did get a Ghostbuster string-light.

We also looked at some mobile home stores. We're kinda considering moving because of how much our electric bill is at the Manor. The electric company keeps going up on the cost and the bill has been over $400 a month during the winter. We have a pay plan set-up so we don't pay the full payment every month, it gets divided-up somehow for a more affordable bill (we still pay the whole bill, just over a few months), but it doesn't go under $200 any month of the year and it's up to $300 - $400 in the winter. The actual bill for January was over $500. The sad thing about the bill being so high is that is only heating like half the house. And it's not heating it good either, it's still chilly most of the time. We only heat the living room/dining room/kitchen/bedroom/breakfast nook/master bath. We shut off the rest of the house, the library/study/little bathroom/hallway/art studio/attic/laundry room. If we actually heated the whole house it would cost at least $800 a month. It's ridiculous to pay so much for heat and still have to bundle-up. The mobile homes are really nice. They are made better than some new houses are. We saw three we really liked. We sure love our house though.

We wanted to get natural gas for heating, but the gas company wants us to pay over $10,000 for them to run the gas to our house. So we can pay them for gas. We can't afford that either. We talked about getting propane, but it's expensive, and Wolf's cousin used to own one of the local propane companies, but he sold it. The other propane company is owned by a dude that murdered Wolf's uncle (years ago) and got away with it. He called his uncle over to his yard and shot him. So we're not going to do business with them.

Tuesday morning Wolf's mom called and told us her brother Buford had died. She called yesterday and told us Wolf's dad's cousin Jimmy had also died, the same day as her brother. They had both been sick for a while. Buford's funeral is tomorrow. Buford is Wolf's favorite uncle, but we haven't been around him much. He was always really nice to us when we'd see him. We barely know Jimmy. The only thing I know about him is he was mayor and his daughter was one of my teachers in elementary school and she is an awful person.

It got cold again after all that rain. I'll be glad when it warms up and is Springtime.


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