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grimmfairy's Journal

Ophelia (Scarlet Sapphire) *SpiderBaby*
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~Everyday Is Halloween~

I'm a Happy Gothic Housewife married to My Beloved Wolf. <3
We got married on October 13th 2013. <3
We go by Dagon & SpiderBaby Grimm. :)
We have a puppy named Pumpkinhead and a cat named Miss Bunny. They're our children. <3
We call our house DragonWyck Manor. It's 100+ years old. <3
I'm a Gothic Horror-punk Metal-head who likes fairies and fantasy.

I take free classes online for subjects that interest me.
I play World of Warcraft a lot.
I'll be posting photos and won't be putting them behind a LJ-cut.

Θ ♥

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